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"If You Love Me"
by Mozzy

"Mozzy’s ‘If You Love Me’ Video Is A Gut-Wrenching Crime Thriller...." - Aaron Williams, Uproxx

"The video recounts a tale of betrayal and remorse, as one of Mozzy’s little homies decides to come up at Mozzy’s expense. The majority of Mozzy’s performance sequences are set at a church during the funeral, as flashbacks reveal what happened and how — making the reason for Mozzy’s flashes of PTSD throughout the video clearer with each new plot twist... As Mozzy’s youngin gets dragged out of his car and faces down his eventual hitman, the meaning behind Mozzy’s verses does too. " - Uproxx

Watch the Directors Cut

Nominated for a UK Music Video Award

A whimsical drama centering around a bowling alley employee trying to reclaim his stolen sweater.

"Love Like Mine"
by Stela Cole


A pastel pink adorned Stela Cole enacts her violent revenge on an unfaithful lover. 

by Spencer Sutherland

"Whatever USA"


A grounding, comforting philosophical monologue spoken overtop Highschool Senior Picture Day.

"Rock Bottom"
by Grandson


An obsessive fan furiously worships his celebrity idol Kurt Brockman. He desperately wants to be like him -- so he does something about it.