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Many believe Seth Stern was breathed into existence by a greek god and his body chiseled out of a block of marble by twenty two sexy angels. This is in fact a common misconception. A Los Angeles native Seth Stern was born at a very young age. 

Seth Stern is an LA based commercial and music video director. Seth Stern was nominated for UK Music Video Award for his direction of "Sweater" for Spencer Sutherland. He has created videos for Mozzy, Aj Mitchell, Grandson, Hoodie Allen, among others. Seth has worked with Interscope, BMG, CMG, Elektra Records and Warner Music Group. He's created commercials for Virus Intl, LaCie, Hoodie Allen, and FitCase.

Seth Stern made his first short film at 12 years old. Taking visual inspiration from Fight Club, he starred, shot, directed, and edited it by himself. All self taught. Prior to this he pursued a successful acting career spanning 6 years.

Seth Stern's distinctive cinematic style is characterized by stylized visuals and a focus on visual storytelling. As often as possible Seth enjoys infusing tongue in cheek comedy into his work. 

Seth Stern was represented by Anemone Artists from 2019-2020 before taking a hiatus from filmmaking. Returning to directing in 2022, his project Open Arms for Mozzy was released on July 14th. He currently resides on several freelance rosters with various production companies. 

In his personal life. Seth enjoys bouldering, solo travel, and drinking too much coffee. On June 14th 2022, he completed 100 days of running. In January 2022, he competed a week long trek through the Guatemalan jungle to the largest Mayan pyramid ever discovered. He has traveled all around the world with just a backpack. He has driven across the United States 3 times.

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Uk Music Video Awards - Nomination


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